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Vantagem Principal


Candidatures to the second phase


Seconde phase candidatures to Incentives are open within Portugal 2020 programme.

SME can already aplly for the Incentives to Qualification, Internationalization and Innovation. 

Simplified Coupons


Applications to Simplified Coupons are open. Vantagem Principal is able to elaborate apllications to Inovation Coupon, Internationalization Coupons and Entrepreneurship Coupon. 

They represent an incentive of 75% non-refundable and companies can only invest until 20 thousand euros. 

Accredited Entity


After revue from Compete 2020 Authority Management, Vantagem Principal- Consultoria para os Negócio, Lda, was recognized as an accredited entity to prepare and monitor Coupons from Portugal 2020 programme in the following areas: Innovation; Internationalization and Entrepreneurship.

Contests Opening


Candidatures are officialy open to the Systems of Incentive of the new communitarian funds board Portugal 2020.

Entrepreises can already apply for the Incentive Systems: to Innovation, to Internationalization, to Qualifications and to Investigatio & Development.